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Intel PC
Intel PC

Both Macs and PCs now use Intel central processing units (CPUs), putting them on rather equal ground.
Benchmark geeks who want the faster machine regardless of real-world difference will have to research specific Mac and PC models against one another in the targeted price range. A plethora of system configurations is possible in the PC, with everything from the CPU to its cache, bus speed, hardware components, operating system and installed software contributing to overall performance.
When it comes to gaming, a PC is the clear winner for a variety of reasons. More games are available for the PC than for the Mac, and video card technology is constantly evolving to support the latest standards. Upgrading a PC’s graphic card is easy with plenty of choices available from low-end cards to extremely expensive cards, including dual graphics capability (using two cards). Upgrading a Mac is not always possible, and when it is, there is limited hardware available that is typically more expensive than its equal PC counterpart.
The PC is also the clear winner for overclockers and modders. If you like swapping out hardware to keep your system cutting edge, a PC is the way to go. There is also more software available for the PC, including a vast and ever-growing library of freeware applications. However, you can install a Windows operating system on a Mac along with PC applications, thanks to a built-in utility called “Boot Camp.” Optional third-party software is also available, including Vmware and Parallels, which allows Mac and PC software to run at the same time without rebooting.


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